Grind with Precision

HammerFab has developed these semi-rigid backing pads specifically for precision metal finishing. Our backer pads come in 3" and 2" diameter and use a standard 1/4" steel arbor with Roloc style twist lock abrasive discs. Our backers are 3D printed from a durable nylon that flexes just enough to be forgiving, but always returns to its perfectly flat surface. These are great for detail edge grinding, and also getting those butt welds flat when metal finishing. If you have discs that curl up, these are also great for taking the curl out.

Our NEW Gapper Pads are specifically designed for setting those crisp gaps on your doors, fenders, hoods, etc. Available in individual sizes 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", or as a set of all three. Get your gapping game on!

Our NEW Radi Backers are great for grinding precise inside corners and or fillet welds. Available as a set of three sizes, 1/16", 1/8", and 1/4" radius, these won't flex like the junky rubber ones out there.

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3" Backer Pad (Roloc)
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2" Backer Pad
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1" Backer Pad
Gapper Pads (3" Roloc)
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Radi Backers (3" Roloc)
$119/set - Create precise radius inside corners.
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